Christmas shopping around the clock. Babysitter's sick. You know what that means for you guys: Skymall Captions!



fake fake

smell that



what north pole insiders don’t want you to know




cup 2

This is it. The year is over. And so is 52 Pictures.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who visited, subscribed, commented, linked, bought art, pirated my work for unauthorized greeting card use or just whispered secret encouragement. It was great to know you were out there.

In the next week I'll be making available fine stationery and other tasteful and useful items bearing your favorite 52 Pictures images. Just in time for those holiday thank-you notes! Selected pieces of original art and limited edition prints will also be available. This is probably something I should have set up months ago, but I'm still getting used to this here intreenet.

So please feel free to stay subscribed. I don't promise a picture a week in '08, but I will keep posting things I'm working on for your enjoyment.

Happy New Year.