This Sunday is the last day of the "Mice to Monsters" show, and I'll be teaching how I draw and paint penguins. The child who masters my technique gets to illustrate the sequel to BABY PENGUINS EVERYWHERE!!

Snacks will be served.  The air-conditioning will be on.  And the magic hat will be in attendance...

Sunday, July 22 4:40 pm 440 Gallery 440 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn

(Stick around for workshops with Bill Zeman and Mariko Suzuki-Bertocci! Or cross the street to Patisserie Colson for ice cream!)


Big thanks to all who came out to 440 Gallery this weekend.  It was great to read my book in public for the first time (with my trusty studio assistant by my side)!

I also led a workshop to show how I made the book. First we looked at source material.

(Someone asked how penguins sound, so we listened to them, too.)

I shared a handful of the hundreds of sketches I made while inventing the look of the penguins and their world. Even grown illustrators use trial and error!

Next I painted a penguin to show how easy it is if you're like me and don't worry about staying in the lines. (As you can see, I was passion in motion, never still long enough for a clear photo):

Finally we turned the kids loose on the art supplies!

At this age, process is more important than product. That said, the results were nothing short of spectacular!

What a great day.  Kids, go make your own books!