You guys! I'm thrilled to bring you my second interview with a real, live kid who reads!

Meet Eli. Eli with an E as in BABY PENGUINS EVERYWHERE IS NOW A BOARD BOOK ($6.99).

Just kidding. That's Eli with an E as in EXCELLENT.

Eli happens to be the son of author Julie Falatko. Such a wacky coincidence! He lives in Maine, which makes me very jealous. Eli was nice enough to answer my questions last year but I didn't get to post his answers. The good news is that he gave me fresh answers this year, and now we get to see how Eli and his reading life have changed, which is really cool.

Here was Eli in 2014:

The Ingalls family resorting to cannibalism would have been an excellent plot twist in THE LONG WINTER. I wonder if Eli has been influenced by DONNER DINNER PARTY?

Here is one of Eli's castles.

NOW, on to present-day Eli: a young man of few words and strong opinions.

How old are you, Eli?


What's your favorite book? Your favorite picture book? Why do you like it?

THE WESTING GAME. It's my level. PIRATES LOVE UNDERPANTS. It's a funny adventure.

Do you have a favorite author or artist?

Gordon Korman. Kazu Kibuishi.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell me about yourself or your family?

We like the Pats, snow, and our dog Cosmo.

Let's talk audiobooks. Is THE TRUE MEANING OF SMEKDAY still your favorite?

No. The Monty Python Instant Record Collection is my favorite.

Great choice. (Sorry, Adam.) 

I hear you read STONE FOX in school this year. What are your thoughts about the book?  **SPOILER ALERT**

It sucks. 

No action, the dog dies.


A book in which a dog dies sounds terrible to me, too. Thanks for being so candid, Eli, and for taking the time to talk to me. Have fun in the snow, keep reading, and I hope Super Bowl XLIX goes your way!