Bulbasaur 1, Furry Brown Thing 0

In 2002, conservationist Andrew Balmford published a study showing that 8-year-olds could identify more than 120 Pokémon characters.

Those same 8-year olds recognized less than half the native plant and animal species they were shown.

The real world is full of interesting creatures, so to help kids learn about them, scientists are developing a card game called Phylo. There's a coral reef deck, to which I contributed, and other decks are available or in the works. They're free, and kids can submit card art for consideration. So if you and junior want to know more about that brown thing that's eating a peanut in that green stuff, get some!  Download a starter deck here, or build your own set card by card. (PS:  A FREE DECK to the first person who comments and correctly identifies the brown thing.  Kids only!!)