Some Great Teachers

Both my parents taught high school science and were very successful at it. Growing up with them, I had a lot of time to observe what teaching is, and what makes a teacher good.

Devil's Garden, Roger WinterRoger Winter, Devil's Garden, 1990

Roger Winter, who taught my drawing class at the National Academy School, is a great teacher. Smart and dedicated, with a wicked sense of humor, he mentored a generation of artists during his three decades as a professor at Southern Methodist University. In our class, Roger was truthful about what I did well and insightful about what I could work on. He cared about my progress but didn't take weird responsibility for it, because teachers aren't trainers and students aren't performing seals. I always felt Roger gave me the best advice he could offer, but whatever I made in the room with him, I owned. From September 15 to October 20, The McKinney Avenue Contemporary in Dallas will host a retrospective dedicated to Roger's body of work: Lost Highway – A Painter’s Journey. A second gallery at The MAC will exhibit work by prominent artists who studied with him. Kirk Hopper Fine Art is hosting a simultaneous show of Roger's paintings called Between Heaven and Earth. I wish I could get to Dallas this month; if you're in the area, go, and say hi to Roger for me.