The Guion Fellowship

The Guion Fellowship is awarded annually to an individual engaged in creative endeavor. It provides up to a week's stay (including room and board) at Guion Manor, in the Catskills region of New York State. Fellows also receive transportation to and from the Manor, due to its remote and undisclosed location.

There is no requirement to produce specific work during the Fellowship.

Current and Past Fellows:
2019 Lucy Ruth Cummins
2018 not awarded
2017 Vera Brosgol
2016 Arlaina Tibensky
2015 Dasha Tolstikova
2014 Hallie Bateman

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Is this a real thing or is it made up?
A) Oh, it's real.

Q) Can I apply for the Fellowship?
A) There is no application or nomination process.

Q) Who can be a Guion Fellow?
A) Anyone.